A1Tutorial Parents

Ms. Shelina Akhter

Before my daughter started going to A1 tutorial, she had a very hard time with Secondary 3 math. Her grades began to drop and I became very concerned so I began looking through newspapers for a tutor and that’s when I came across A1 Tutorial. I then called A1 Tutorial and registered my daughter instantly so that she could start the following week. When I later asked my daughter what she thought about A1 Tutorial she said that she knew this place will help her get her grades back up. As the school year went by she showed great improvement in math, but to my surprise she improved in Science, French, English and even understood History better. I have also seen that she had learned to overcome her challenges and I am very thankful to A1 Tutorial for helping my daughter do better in school and for encouraging her to go further than she thought she could.

Farouk Mehmud

We can not expect miracles from any tutorial program but we can expect some positive performance that can change our child’s attitude. We are now seeing those changes in our daughter because of the energetic tutors and management of A1 Tutorial. Many thanks to the team!