A1Tutorial Parents

Ehsanul Haque

It is a pleasure for me to say that A1 Tutorial has brought a change in my son Sazeed's life in only a short period of time. Sazeed was having difficulties in French, Science and Math. The tutors were patiently able to evaluate his difficulties and weaknesses and helped him overcome his struggles. They have also instilled in him an interest and curiosity in matters that Sazeed wasn’t previously fond of. Currently Sazeed is showing improved results in his tests at school which is a great peace of mind for us as parents. I'm pleased to say that the administration of A1 tutorial is great, well organized. Moreover, they also put a lot of effort in developing the skills of the students at all levels.

Chean Joseph

My daughter Charlene’s ambition is to be a pediatrician, but I were very concerned when I saw her report card, as her grades were very bad especially in Math, English, and French. When I came to know about A1 Tutorial it was like winning the lottery. I can gladly say that now my daughter Charlene’s report card is very different and also her behavior has changed as well and she shows more interest in learning. She has improved a lot! I would recommend A1 Tutorial to everyone who sees that their child needs help in their studies. Thank you A1 Tutorial for what you have done!

Dilruba Biswas

I saw that Sukhjeet was having problems with two of his subjects at school: French and Math. My elder children did not have time to help him and neither did I. One day I saw an A1 Tutorial flyer at a store, and when I read it I realized that this was exactly what I was looking for. So I spoke to Kazi Alam Babu who is the president of A1 Tutorial and went to meet him. Upon entering A1 Tutorial I was very pleased with the environment and I knew that I wanted my son to be there. Since I live far, when I bring my son to his lessons I stay there for two hours and I was able to observe that the student are very well taught by the tutors and the relationship that the tutors have with the students is admirable. I was also impressed at how I am able to get immediate feedback from the tutors about my son and how they are able to work very well with the parents as a team. The tutors show extreme dedication as they even stay beyond their class time to help out the students if they have questions. My son has shown lots of improvement in the subjects that he initially had trouble with and I am very happy about this. I am also very glad that A1 Tutorial holds regular parents’ meetings and the fact that they take time to listen to the parents and do their best to improve things.

Arti Patel

Our son Achal was having a hard time with French at school. He goes to a French school so I was very concerned that he was falling behind. One day outside we saw a sign for A1 Tutorial, so my husband and I decided to bring our son there. Achal has been going to A1 Tutorial for about a year now and I see lots of improvement in his French! The environment at A1 Tutorial is also very inviting and I am very happy that my son attends A1 Tutorial.