A1Tutorial Tutors

Mai Christine

Hi, my name is Mai Christine and I am a student at McGill University majoring in Anatomy and Cell Biology and minoring in Religious Studies. I have always been interested in professions geared towards health care and medicine, but at the same time, one of my greatest pastimes is creative writing. My experience at A1 Tutorial has been rewarding, the administration at A1 Tutorial, the crew of tutors, and all the students who attend the tutorial sessions have been integral in sustaining a friendly environment at A1 Tutorial. The tutors are very dedicated in maintaining the quality of teaching at this tutorial centre. We aim to provide equal attention to all the students and direct our efforts towards being purposeful in the classroom environment. It is very important to us that the students feel comfortable in the classroom setting and we are continuously working towards building their self-esteem, confidence, and a strong sense of independence in their school work. The relationship that has been established between myself and the students has been one that has been meaningful as I realize the impact I have had as a mentor. It is especially fulfilling when I have been able to help a student understand or clarify any confusions that they may have in their school work. Having said all this, I would like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a tutor at A1 Tutorial.

Simone Cavanaugh

My name is Simone Cavanaugh and I am a tutor here at A1 tutorial. I am currently in my second year in the International Baccalaureate Health Sciences program at Champlain College, and plan on pursuing my studies in the field of medicine to become a pediatrician. I am also extremely involved and interested in international human rights and am constantly participating in global youth projects working on improving the global community and quality of life for everyone. My experience here at A1 so far has been an excellent one, the other staff members are wonderful to work with and the kids are great, I love the moments when a student finally understands a math problem or science concept thanks to our help, it's great to make a difference!

Stella Stoyanova

My name is Stella and I am presently in my final year in science and language education and culture at Concordia University. I've also studied at McGill and the UBC. In my free time I am working on sustainable and social-justice-inspired initiatives and projects, hosting chess meetings and doing literature and technical translations. I have been working as a tutor in languages, math and science since a couple of years before I came to A1 last Fall. Ever since the beginning I have had a wonderful experience here. The work ambiance is cozy and professional and the staff - friendly, qualified and welcoming. Working closely with the children and seeing them improve and grow more confident in their skills and knowledge has been the greatest reward. It is the kind of job one goes to happy, motivated and knowing it makes a difference in people's lives.

Filip Cernoch

Every time I walk through the doors of A1 Tutorial, I feel like I have just entered a second home. I am suddenly engulfed in a warm and caring environment which fills me with a sense of familiarity, and
immediately brings me closer to everyone else in the center. The small classrooms create an intimate setting in which I can develop relationships with the students, learn their strengths and weaknesses,
and provide them with help which is adapted to their specific needs.
A1 also promotes respect, dedication and hard work, which further improves the classroom atmosphere and the students’ learning experience. This combination of elements makes A1 Tutorial a movement which I am proud to be a part of, and a job which, in the end, does not feel like a job at all.