A1Tutorial Tutors

Marinee Kavoukjian

Working as a tutor at A1 tutorial for 3 years has been a great learning experience. It has not only allowed me to mature as an individual, but it has also been very rewarding. To pass on knowledge and help students improve in their studying habits and skills is an incredibly gratifying job, and I feel extremely privileged to have had the wonderful opportunity to work with a hardworking and dedicated team of tutors.
Interacting with the students has given me the chance to improve my interpersonal skills, my patience, and my creativity. It has also taught me a lot about children’s and teenagers’ developmental needs.
Building a good relationship and a friendly bond with the students has been one of my greatest pleasures, and it has been one of the best tools for earning their trust and encouraging them in a positive way.
Being a tutor at A1 has not only been teaching and passing on information; rather, it has meant being a role model, a confidant, and occasionally a motivational coach. I have discovered that helping a student develop his or her self-esteem is just as important – if not more important – as teaching them their lessons and helping them understand academic material.
Within every student there is a young person eager to learn, needing just a little push and encouragement. Tutoring at A1 Tutorial provides the students with that positive energy.
Having been part of such a wonderful organization that has the youths’ best interest at heart has been a delight and what I consider one of my greatest accomplishments.

Edward Silva Frade

My name is Edward Silva Frade and I'm currently in my 2nd year at McGill University in the Education program. I'm studying to become a History and Geography teacher in high school. I also have a Bachelor if Commerce from Concordia University. One day, I'd like to combine both of these fields and become a school administrator or even work my way up to becoming a member on a school board. I'm very fortunate to be working for A1 Tutorial as it is providing me with valuable work experience in the field of education within a multicultural environment. I really appreciate the atmosphere at A1 as the group of students we have come ready to work and are willing to learn. Although some students are more challenging to motivate than others, our classroom context helps students to motivate each other and set their academic goals. We are fortunate to also deal with parents who are involved and serious about the progression of their children. Finally, all of the tutors here cooperate with each other in order to achieve the best possible results for each student. All of these factors make my experience here that much more rewarding.

Jessica Zhang

My name is Jessica Zhang and I've really enjoyed my experience working at A1 Tutorial. I graduated from Concordia University with a specialization in psychology. I currently work as an early childhood educator at a school in Montreal. I plan on returning to school to acquire my Bachelor's in Education with the hopes of becoming an elementary teacher one day. In fact, it was my time at A1 Tutorial that confirmed my desires to pursue this dream, and for that I am grateful. My experience at A1 Tutorial has been nothing short of spectacular and rewarding. The students are all hard-working and respectful. The atmosphere of the center is one of cordiality and there is a real sense of unity. Everyone works together as a team, and the efforts are shown in the students' progress. I enjoyed every minute of it!

Sarah Amzallag

My name is Sarah Amzallag and I have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Concordia University and am currently studying Early and Elementary Childhood Education. I’ve had the opportunity to work with children of all ages from various socio-cultural backgrounds. I enjoy developing meaningful relationships with each of them, fostering their curiosity and desire to learn. Each student brings on a new challenge; a chance to develop and adapt my teaching skills, and reinforces my drive to become a more effective educator. A1 Tutorial provides the perfect setting to achieve such goals as I get to work with my students in a dynamic classroom setting alongside other passionate and experienced tutors.